IV Infusions

We’re delighted to introduce revolutionary new treatments to our clients. IV Infusions provide quick and effective hydration and energy, with the added benefit of enhancing recovery from stress, strenuous exercise or athletic level training. Choose from our menu of infusions below or speak to any of our medical professionals about your specific needs.

The ultimate solution to treat “the day after the night before’ and other dehydration problems.

Muscle and fitness enhancement to help achieve maximum output and recovery.

An essential blend of vitamins and minerals to help stimulate metabolism and promote weight loss.

Enhance hair, skin, and nail appearance with keratin fortifying ingredients and antioxidants.

With a super hit of Vitamin C, this megadose of immune system boosting agents help combat infections.

Relieve excessive demands on the body with the ultimate stress relief infusion.

Detoxify your body with one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants.

A megadose of this essential nutrient helps maintain healthy nerves and blood cells while stimulating DNA production. The result – improved energy and overall well being!

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