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Ashley's Experience with Lip Fillers

Ashley Kehoe gives a great insight into what exactly happens when getting Lip fillers!

Big, full, Angelina Jolie lips is what the majority of us desire these days, including myself!! But if you weren’t blessed with a killer pout like this goddess, then there’s no need to worry because that can all be changed in a very quick and very simple procedure. I paid a visit to Ireland’s top aesthetics nurse, Kerry Hanaphy some weeks back to have lip fillers to help achieve the exact size and shape I was after. This involved me getting a couple of injections in my lips with ‘Emervel’ which is the best of the best when having lip augmentation.

After a quick chat with Kerry we decided that my lips were already a good size and shape so I didn’t need to alter them too much. We agreed on a half ml being enough to be used. Afterwards I could build upon that, adding another half if I wished after the swelling had gone down. She really knows what she’s talking about and she’s honest too so I’d advise you to take into consideration what she thinks would be best for you. I remember on my visit with Kerry she told me that cosmetics is all about enhancing what you’ve already got, not changing yourself entirely and that made perfect sense to me.

The number one question I’ve been asked is, ‘was it painful?’ and I would be lying if I said you couldn’t feel a thing because that’s not exactly the case. You can feel a little pinch when the needle penetrates the skin but honestly, it’s nothing you won’t be able to handle, trust me!! If I can sit through it calmly then you most certainly can too! Also Kerry numbs your lips before hand with numbing cream so it’s really not all that bad. If you’re really, really squeamish…? Just think about how worth it its going to be and how fabulous you’ll look and feel afterwards too!! I myself experienced no bruising but of course some slight swelling which went down in just a couple of days.

With Kerry having over 12 years experience in what she does you know you’re in safe hands with this lady! Not only is she an expert in lip augmentation but also specialises in dermal fillers, anti-ageing treatments and many more procedures. What’s also great is you don’t need to worry about if she’s too far away for you to get to as Kerry travels around to numerous clinics all over Dublin including Dame street, Blanchardstown and Clare Hall. Make sure to take a look at her Instagram – @kerry.hanaphy and Facebook page where you’ll find all the info you need on prices and places where she’ll be! I’ve honestly never been happier with my lips and can’t thank Kerry enough for that! Highly recommend her skills!!

Ps. If you’re stuck for Christmas gift ideas, Kerry also sells gift vouchers to be used at any of her clinics on any procedure you wish!

Ashley x

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