Micha’s Lip Augmentation

Micha's Experience with Lip Fillers

The title of this post alone, would normally make a seriously squeamish girl like me shake in ma god damn boots…. but sometimes a gal just needs to man up eh?

So, the whole point of this post is to deliver as much useful information as possible on lip fillers and the actual lip augmentation procedure itself, to all of you ladies out there that may be in the process of considering having this particular procedure done.  I also want to answer as many questions (as humanely possible), that I can for all of you on this topic.  Lets get down & dirty!

Before I start answering any of the usual questions, I wanted to give you all a little background into why I chose to get lip fillers.  It may sound absolutely and utterly ridiculous, but I decided to have lip fillers because there was a slight dip on the left side of my top lip that literally wrecked my head for a really long time! To the general population it’s not even noticeable, but to me it was something that bothered me almost everyday! Normally, I would be a woman that is very confident in my own skin and I have always been really comfortable with my body, but it really annoyed me that I felt rather conscious of such a tiny little thing like this. I hated the fact that my lips weren’t even on both sides when my lips were resting, as well as when I smiled.  When I would do my makeup everyday, I would always have to line way outside my natural lip line to make my lips even and I just hated that it would look so obvious to me that I had done so.  A week on from having this procedure done and I genuinely can’t imagine a time where I didn’t have fillers! Not only are my lips now symmetrical on both sides, they are also lovely and plump too! I feel so confident with or without makeup and they have made my self esteem go from mediocre to ‘I am f**cking fabulous’ !! Now, onto the questions…..

Where did you have them done? I got my lips done by the amazing and extremely experienced Kerry Hanaphy. She is an aesthetic nurse with over 12 years experience in the industry and she specialises in lip augmentation.  She also does a whole range of mesoestetic facials too.

Was it sore? Yes, it was slightly painful but nothing you can’t handle! I am literally the most squeamish person in the world, no joke. Kerry did such a brilliant job in restraining me with a straight jacket and belt while she was carrying out the procedure. ^ That’s me trying to be funny and Kerry didn’t actually do that, but in all seriousness, it’s no more painful than your average blood test in the docs. It’s more of a stingy sensation than anything else.

How much did you get? Myself and Kerry both decided that it would be best for me to get a small amount of filler, as it was my first augmentation and my lips were reasonably plump to begin with.  Also, Kerry advised that I could build up the volume after a certain time to achieve the best results.

How long did it take? The procedure is super quick and easy but depending on how much filler you’re getting it can take slightly longer. Mine took about 3 mins & my sister, who got a full ml of Emervel, took about 5 mins.

How bad was the bruising/ swelling? I personally experienced little or no bruising at all, but I did swell quite a bit. Every single person is 100% different, so do not rely on general info you see on the internet or read in leaflets. For example, I didn’t bruise at all and I did swell a bit, but my sister was black & blue and was very swollen.

How many injections did you receive? As I wanted to focus on making my top lip symmetrical and plump, I got 5 injections in my upper lip and 2 in my bottom lip. I got 2 injections on either side of my cupids bow, 1 straight down the middle of my cupids bow for lift and 1 injection on each side of my bottom lip.

Can you eat/ drink afterwards? Yes, you can pretty much do anything straight after. You can eat, drink, smoke the whole shabang! Beware: if you decide to drink alcohol after your procedure, you will significantly increase your level of swelling! Tip – Stock up on straws, they’ll be your new best friend post augmentation.

How long do you have to wait before wearing makeup etc? You can wear makeup as little as just a few hours later. I was literally terrified to even look at mine for the first hour after, as I am so whoozy and kept imagining a needle… whimp much? I did wear makeup the next night as I went to a party and everything was A ok!

How long does it take for the swelling to go down? I personally feel that my swelling has only really gone down in the past day or so and it has been a week since my augmentation. Like I said previously, every one of you are different and your body can react differently to mine or anyone elses.

Do you lose feeling or sensation in your lips? Absolutely not! Both myself and my sister have full feeling and sensation in our lips after augmentation. If you have gotten your lips done and are experiencing loss of sensation or feeling, contact your local GP or a qualified aesthetic nurse like Kerry!

How was the pain post-augmentation? I’m going to be 100% honest, the pain of the swelling after the procedure was worse in comparison to the actual injections. This is only because the numbing cream wears off after an hour or two, your body isn’t used to having this foreign product in it and you also need to remember that your lips have now been stretched and set into a new shape too! If any of you have tattoos, this should all be a walk in the park for you!

Was it expensive? I paid 160 euro as Kerry does a ‘Bring a friend’ deal. I do know that she has recently had to increase her prices due to higher rates of VAT on the products so for more info, go to Kerry’s facebook page ‘Kerry Hanaphy Soft Aesthetics’ or just private mail her with any queries!

I think that’s pretty much it for the moment, but if I’ve missed anything please comment here or on my facebook page or you can contact Kerry herself for more information!

Hopefully this post has been significantly helpful to anyone looking into/ debating whether or not to get lip fillers and I hope I have provided some good and accurate advice on the subject! Before & after photos of myself and my sisters results will be shown below!

Happy Pouting!

Micha xx

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