Mesoestetic Bodyshock Slim-Up! Pack - Kerry Hanaphy Clinic, Dublin City Centre

Mesoestetic Bodyshock Slim-Up! Pack

The Mesoestetic is a new and innovative contouring treatment program that combines an intensive oral supplement as an express treatment for decreasing localised fat deposits, with a topically applied cosmeceutical that is designed to combat cellulite, helps eliminate adipose tissue and decreases the size of fat adipocytes. Also included in this pack, is the bodyshock push-up! A specially formulated topical treatment that stimulates the skin of the breasts and buttocks, to firm, lift and tone.

bodyshock | reduce pills 30 capsules

Oral supplement to inhibit fat absorption. Get smoother and more uniform skin thanks to the fact that it fights fluid retention and fatty adipose.

bodyshock | push-up 150ml

bodyshock push-up has been specially formulated to stimulate the skin of the breasts and buttocks, so that it synthesizes and optimises its own natural systems, treating from the root the main cause of flaccidity.

bodyshock | local reduce 200ml

Cream to combat fat located in rebellious areas: holsters, hips and arms.


Mesoestetic Bodyshock Slim-Up! Pack

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