Rosacea (skin redness) Pack - Kerry Hanaphy Clinic, Dublin City Centre

Rosacea (skin redness) Pack

Couperend maintenance cream

Cream for sensitive skin prone to the appearance of diffuse redness and / or visible blood microcapillaries at the superficial level. Its soothing and decongestant action helps to minimize skin irritation and redness.

Resurfacing peel booster

Retexturizing and anti-aging gel for oily, pro-acne, seborrheic and blemished skin. Eliminates impurities and dead cells, normalizing excess sebum. Unifies the texture of the skin and reduces the size of the pores.

360º collagen essence

Facial serum with lifting effect that reactivates the synthesis of collagen, providing a tightening and redensifying action. Treats loss of firmness and wrinkles, improving the quality and resistance of skin tissue. The skin regains its vitality and elasticity, the pores close and wrinkles are smoothed.


Rosacea (skin redness) Pack

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